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We love making films, advertisements, music videos, photos, well, you get the idea...

We Are   G7  Productions

We are a small media productions company that specialises in creating small creative projects for our clients and ourselves. We make avertisements, music videos, party videos, photo shoots and all sorts of thing. Basically, if you have something you need to have photographed or video'ed, give us a call.


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We do a variety of things, some of which are listed here. But if it's not listed here, that doesn't we don't do it. We might have forgotten to put it here. Just ask us.
We don't do weddings though, mostly because it's a big responsibility and there's (usually) no chance of a retake! However, we are happy to do pre-wedding photoshoots for you.


We can write and shoot video adverts for you. Or if you are into more print type of advertising, we can create memes, Facebook posts, instagram stories, photographs and various other types of adverts for you to use on your social media.


If you have the material we can edit a showreel for you. Or if you need, we can write scenes for you, get other actors together, shoot some scenes and then edit the showreel for you.

P.S. We don't charge a lot.


We do headshots, fashion shots, portfolio pictures and many other kind of photos. You may be adding more stock to your fashion shop or starting an online magazine. When you need photos that make people stare, you need to have a chat with us.

Music Videos

You know your song has what it takes to be a hit. There's only one problem...nobody has heard your song! Why not let us make a music video for you that you can spread all over your social media and get people dancing to your tune?

Photo Gallery

A small sample of our work. Click on the thumbnails to see more.
If you need a showreel, portfolio photos,social media portfolio, instagram stories or anything to do with photos and videos, you should definitely talk to us.

Portfolio example


Portfolio example


Portfolio example

Event Photos

Portfolio example

Property Photos

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